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Time to get real 

Elizmi Productions would like to introduce to you 

This project is being run by Elizmi Productions Record Label.

Elizmi wants to give some of the things she has found out "the hard way, FREE to independent Artists struggling to get things going.

We will be covering everything you can possibly think of that would cost you money to find out.


We're doing a MASSIVE giveaway TO introduce our launch!

Elizmi Productions'Record Label is open its doors in February 2020.

So for all you indie artists out there, we have a series of guides and tips to get you through the music business without too much pain.


⠀We are giving away FREE tips and insights which would cost you hundreds of pounds/dollars in the many internet classes or books you see every day.


⠀If you want to learn about royalties and the difference between them,  come and sign up!

 If you want to learn about marketing your music, come sign up.

If you are just starting as an artist, come sign up.


Good luck! ðŸ€ â €


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